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Mechanics of Inelastic Solid Materials

  • Development accurate nonlinear constitutive models for light-weight metal alloys & fiber composites

  • Ideal forming theory as inverse methods for optimum initial shape/process design

  • FEM predictions of formability and springback for stamping and hydroforming


COMEL | Advanced Solid Mechanics
Mechanics of Solid Mechanics
COMEL | Structural Fiber Composites
Mechanics-based Technology for Structural Fiber Composites


  • Nano-, micro-, meso-, and macroscopic constitutive modeling for structural fiber composites

  • Novel characterization of highly nonlinear, anisotropic, and coupled mechanical behaviors

  • FE analysis for thermo-stamping of automotive thermoplastic/thermoset composites


Structural Fiber Composite
COMEL | Novel Interface Control
Novel Interface Control for Fiber-reinforced Composites


  • Novel interfacial materials: CNT, graphene, aramid nanofiber (ANF), catecholamine (dopamine)

  • Development of multi-functional fiber sizing agents to enhance structural/functional properties

  • Easy/simple but effective processes such as electrophoretic deposition and LbL assembly


Novel Interface Control
COMEL | Nano-carbons & Organics
Nano-carbons & Advanced Organics


  • CNT/graphene-based nano-carbon hybrids with metal nanoparticles

  • Highly porous 3D nanostructure with multi-dimensional nano-carbons for energy storage and gas sensors

  • Bio-inspired catechol chemistry and photochromic molecule-based UV sensors


Nanocarbon & organics
Futuristic Fiber & Textile
Future of Structural Fibers & Textile


  • Large-area graphene-based flexible graphene fiber electrode and wire-shaped OFET devices

  • High performance stretchable wire-type supercapacitors based on novel 3D carbon nanostructure

  • Textile-based flexible piezoelectric strain sensors and OFET-based photo-sensors


COMEL | Futuristic Fibers & Textile
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