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COMEL | Research Overview
Academic Backgrounds


Multidisciplinary background: Fiber composites+Mechanics of materials+Chemical engineering

  1. Nonlinear material characterization, Fiber-reinforced composites
      - Non-orthogonal constitutive model for textile preform & prepreg
      - Thermo-forming of thermo-plastic fiber composites
      - Material characterization for nonlinear/anisotropic composites


  2. Mechanical engineering, Nonlinear continuum mechanics, Sheet metals
      - Continuum/plasticity-based constitutive model
      - Sheet metal forming & springback analysis using FEM simulations
      - Optimum forming process design based on ideal forming theory


  3. Chemistry-based functional nano-composites
      - Carbon-nano/organic/bio-inspired materials for functional fiber sizings
      - Graphene hybrid coating & functional films
      - Stretchable supercapacitors & textile sensors  

Research Interests


Carbon & fiber-based composites for structural and functional applications

  1. Structural fiber-reinforced composites
      - Mechanics and constitutive models of textile composites
      - Rapid forming & optimum process design technologies of fiber composites
      - Advanced functional materials for fiber/matrix interface
      (Bio-inspired catecholamine, aramid nanofibers, carbon nano-materials)
      - Advanced composites for extreme environments
      (High temperature, cryogenic, space, deep sea)


  2. Functional composites & nano-carbon hybrids
      - Advanced nanocarbon architecting for electronics and energy devices
      (1D macro fibers, 3D hydrogel/aerogel)
      - Carbon-nano hybrids for electrocatalyst and functional films
      - Graphene hybrids for anti-corrosive, heat-radiating, & conductive coating


  3. Textile-based wearable electronics
      - Stretchable wire-type supercapacitors
      - Monofilament/textile-based flexible organic FET devices
      - Organic/carbon hybrid materials for multi-sensing 

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